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Wednesday, June 20, 2018

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Day 3


Tuesday Write Up

 The day started off with a bit of confusion as to what breakfast was. Was it the standard assortments on offer or was it the pavlova from the night before? Alas just regulation breakfast..

We then jumped straight into animation that based on gifts of the spirit starring the always popular Damo and Loz. This featured a spectacular rendition of John Farnham’s, ‘You’re the Voice’ by the musos, although I am bias.

 Josh then gave us a talk based on the day’s theme MISSION IS POSSIBLE where he discussed charism in the world today.


 After lunch we broke up into groups where each group went off to a different workshop; one quite fascinating and insightful talk about Blessed Joseph Gerard and three others that didn’t quite measure up.

Our daily activity was candle designing which saw some groups achieve varying levels of success and others almost starting bush fires.

The evening prayer was based on the theme of Baptism which saw Julian reach new vocal heights.


The day was capped off with the night activity, Minute to Win it, hosted by Emma and Josh. The activity was a great success  with high-lights like Jonno and Chris’ poor hand-eye co-ordination skills, David’s very impressive animal tail skills and team Alpha’s come from behind, and some would say destined, victory.


All in all, good day.

James Edwards

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